Our organisation, values and mission

Ceylon Students Educational Fund is incorporated in the State of Victoria. As a non-denominational organisation, our mission is to attract and engage supporters to eliminate the educational disadvantage of Sri Lankan students due to historical poverty and the consequences of the devastating civil war.

We seek to express our beliefs in an inclusive and non-judgmental manner and we are committed to working with people of all cultures, faiths and genders to achieve our mission.

What do we do

We aim to help end the cycle of poverty that occurs when children leave school early. With our dedicated sponsorship, they will complete high school, pursue professional, technical work or become entrepreneurs and encourage future generations to learn and grow through education.  

How do we do it

The volunteers in Australia provide administrative and marketing assistance for the collection of funds.

Our partners (Non-Governmental Organisations) in Sri Lanka provide the support in identifying vulnerable students, disbursements of funds and welfare of the students throughout primary and secondary schooling

Welcome to Ceylon Students Educational Fund